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Customer Comments

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Thank you for the beautiful plates; the ones which you did for my children hang in my home to this day.  Additionally, my children and in-law children assure me their plates are equally treasured.
S.C. Somerset, New Jersey

Thank you. This is about my 12th birth plate purchase. I love them and think it is a wonderful gift!
L.G., Unionville, Connecticut

Thank you so very much! I'll have to talk to the people who gave it to us, so they can recommend you to others, stressing the great customer service! - and use your service again. This plate is very precious as was the occasion and will certainly hold a special place in our house (for all to see).
P.D., Bloomington, Minnesota

Thank you so very much, the plate has arrived today and it is absolutely beautiful. Even nicer than the last one I got, the colors are brighter blues. Absolutely wonderful, be sure that I will recommend you to my friends. Again, thanks.
W.C., Dauphin, Pennsylvania

The Birth Plate that I ordered from you arrived yesterday and it is beautiful!! Thank you so much - we have 5 of those plates and the last was recently broken so I am thrilled to have been able to replace it so perfectly! All 5 are back up on the wall and they look great! Thank you so much!
B.H., Wells, Maine

Thank you very much for your reply, all the plates are really beautiful and exactly what we wanted. Over thirty years ago my mother had plates made for my children and they are much treasured, now their children will have the same from their grandmother. Thank you.
N.S., St. Ives, New South Wales, Australia

I am so happy to have found you. I had purchased about 26 years ago from you for both of my children and now my daughter is having a baby and I was trying to find one like it. I happened to find in my files an old order from when you were in Boston. So glad you are still around.
B.S., Houston, Texas

I received the birth Tile today... Thank you very much for your prompt & efficient service.
J.D.R., Australian Capital Territory, Australia

Thank you for this extra effort. My wife is from Delft and we love to give the tiles to family members having babies. You provide an excellent product for the price and we look forward to more opportunities to purchase from you.

Thank you received order yesterday, of the same high standard as plates ordered from you 1972 and 1975 on the birth of our daughters.
M.W., Merseyside, United Kingdom

Thank you! The plates I have received thus far are beautiful!  I will be placing another order in the future.
N.K.,Richmond, Texas

Thank you so much. The new plate with the correct details arrived today and it is exactly what we wanted and I am sure my grand daughter will always treasure it as a memento of her birth. I will happily recomend your products to others especially because of your wonderful service which far exceeded my expectations. Thank you.
N.K.,Richmond, Texas

My daughter, Ashley was gifted one of your tiles back in ‘83. That little bit of very special history for her has traveled with her to Iraq and Afghanistan when she was in the Army to always remind her of home. I visited her in Texas recently and went to her office. Sure enough, there was that little bit of home still on a shelf in her office. I thought you would enjoy this little story and how your ‘tile of birth information' has travelled the world with her to always keep her close to her family.
C.H.,Orange, CA